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Did you know each Australian State and Territory has a unique floral emblem? Victoria was the first State to appoint one, selecting the pink Common Heath in 1958.

Native to the southeastern states of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, the red, pink or white tube-like flowers of the Common Heath bloom from autumn to spring and attract birds like the honeyeater.

Other floral emblems include the Waratah (NSW), Cooktown Orchid (QLD), Sturt’s Desert Pea (SA) and Kangaroo Paw (WA). The Golden Wattle was announced as our national floral emblem on 1 September 1988.

Talk to our florists to order a bouquet of natives for Australia Day!

January Birth Flower – Carnation

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The Carnation is January’s birth flower, a ruffled bloom that represents love, fascination and distinction. Carnations come in many colours with each possessing a unique meaning – pink means affection, white means pure love and yellow means disappointment.

Carnations are exotic to Australia but have been grown commercially since 1954. They originated in the Mediterranean where the Greeks and Romans used them as crowning garlands during important ceremonies.

Carnations are an edible flower, used for cake decorations and to make the French liquor Chartreuse. Keep Carnations moist but try not to overwater, they can last quite a while, cut or planted.

Happy New Year!




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Merry Christmas



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Christmas Holly – a short history

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Featuring prickly green leaves and small red berries, Holly is a popular Christmas flower. Dating back to ancient Roman times, Pagans gave it to the god Saturn to promote healthy agriculture.

Centuries later, Celtic priests wore Holly crowns during forest ceremonies. Today, Holly symbolises truth and is said to provide protection from negative thoughts – a great plant for the New Year!

Hang a wreath of Holly on your front door to invite family and friends into your home this Holiday season. Or plant a Holly bush in your garden or balcony; they do well in the cooler Southern states of Australia.

December birth flower – Poinsettia

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Deep scarlet and green in colour, the Poinsettia is December’s birth flower and a popular decoration for Christmas. Made up of clusters of red leaves, the ‘flower’ sits in the centre.

Originating in Mexico and used by the indigenous people for its fever-reducing qualities and reddish dye, the Poinsettia naturally flowers in autumn and winter, and grows best in warm climates.

In Australia, the Poinsettia is made to flower during summer by placing it in a darker position and mimicking the short winter days. Keep your Poinsettia in a warm spot, protected from wind and frost, with about 6 hours of indirect sunlight.

20 days til Christmas – order flowers now!

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There’s 20 days until Christmas and it’s time to get into the festive spirit! It’s also a good time to order your Christmas themed floral arrangements for work and home.

Reception: Greet visitors and clients with a fresh red and green floral arrangement at your front desk – a modern alternative to a tree.

Office: A smaller bouquet on your desk is another great way to remind you and your staff to smile and be merry!

Events: Whether it’s for the end of year office celebration or a private dinner party, a Christmas inspired floral centerpiece gives a festive yet contemporary look.

Meet the team: 60 seconds with Jenny



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Jenny Ng, Owner of Richmond Florist, has been providing floral excellence for 37 years!

Her love affair with flowers began as a young girl, when her father would cut fresh flowers and Jenny would design them into arrangements for family and friends.

Inspired by their fragrance, beauty and joy, Jenny began working at the Australian Academy of Floral Art at age 13. She worked as the Vice Principal of the Academy and Operations Manager for 12 retail stores across Melbourne, before starting her own business.

Jenny’s favourite flowers are gardenias and peony roses. When not creating impressive floral art, you’ll find Jenny power walking, practicing yoga, pilates or mediation.

November birth flower – Chrysanthemum

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November’s birth flower is the Chrysanthemum, a low-maintenance flower full of beauty, joyful symbolism and history.

Known today simply as ‘mums’, Chrysanthemums have adorned Japanese thrones for centuries and the Chinese revered them for resembling the sun. They come in pink, red, blue, white, green and that famous orange often found in Balinese and Buddhist temples.

An iconic Mother’s Day flower, they’re also ideal for Spring weddings as they repel pests, and in feng shui symbolism enhance laughter and happiness! Chrysanthemums tea is also said to detoxify and rejuvenate the brain and senses!

the perfect wedding bouquet

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Spring is wedding season and flowers are an important part of the big day. The tradition of carrying a bridal bouquet is meant to bring good fortune and prosperity to the bride.

How do you choose the perfect bouquet? Here are three things to consider before talking to your florist:

Style: Select flowers that reflect your style and personality – are you classic, modern or bohemian? Colour: Choose flowers to compliment your invitations, bridesmaid dresses and reception décor. Budget: Be clear on how much you’re willing to spend and choose flowers that are in season.

Contact our expert team today for all your wedding flower needs!